A straightforward approach


  • Identify currency along with associated risks to moving money
  • Advise on products, solutions, regulations and strategies to best manage identified risks
  • Mitigate the risks by pro-actively implementing these strategies

Our expert team has years of experience. We advise companies on how to improve the structuring and management of their treasury and risk management policies, no matter how unique their business.


  • Risk management strategies

Treasury risk management is more than avoiding the loss of rands and cents. It is about understanding the opportunity cost and regulatory requirements involved with every transaction. Our risk management strategies focus on always delivering an optimal outcome. Whether you are receiving funds, making a payment, or even building an international investment – we make money move efficiently. 

  • Simplicity in a complex world

Navigating financial market regulations can be a daunting. The environment is littered with jargon and costs that are difficult to make sense of. We pride ourselves in simplifying these complexities, and providing clients with a clear, concise and most importantly, transparent overview.

  • Executing a holistic strategy

No two businesses are alike, one size doesn’t fit all. At Peregrine Treasury Solutions we take time to understand our clients’ needs and offer tailored solutions specifically for them. We offer a variety of products to achieve certainty of outcome, even during volatile times.


Knowledge is power. In order to keep our clients in the know, we communicate regularly, giving cutting edge analysis and industry insights. This enables our clients to stay up to date with market-related information – meaning they are empowered to make truly informed decisions.

Peregrine Treasury Solutions keeps an eye on the market, so you can keep an eye on your business.

Our clients receive

  • Daily data and commentary
  • Weekly market overview
  • In-house economic research


We maintain a close relationship with numerous banks. This enables us to advise our clients on a wide range of banking solutions, from working capital to forward facilities, unpacking and comparing costs, fees and the practical application of each. Again, we do the work for you.


Exchange control and other industry regulations are complicated and a lack in understanding these regulations could lead to businesses and individuals finding themselves on the wrong side of the law. This could have a significant financial and operational impact on your company. Peregrine Treasury Solutions assists our clients in navigating this complex regulatory environment, ensuring compliance throughout the financial transaction process.


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