About Us

Success demands agility. To react to change. To rethink and then reinvent. Technology evolves, daily. The world no longer shifts by increments but in leaps and bounds.

To keep up, you need perspective. An eye.

That’s why, at Peregrine Treasury Solutions, we believe in taking a broader view. After all, to proof against the future, first you must look toward it.

So, while we have proud roots in foreign exchange, we have embraced world-class treasury technology. Staying nimble. Offering swift, smart, safe solutions. Partnering with you, adjusting to any market, moving money like no one else can.

Our job is to provide our clients with the knowledge necessary to boost their bottom line, enabling them to soar and succeed in an ever-changing world. So, whatever the months, years, and decades may bring, we’ll always keep our eye on the horizon. 


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