Holistic hedging strategy


Foreign exchange is a volatile sector. Peregrine Treasury Solutions has the right products to protect you from the risks of dealing in foreign currency. We ensure our clients get real time information and the best advice and execution as and when they need it.

Our holistic treasury risk solution offers you all your currency exposure on a single platform, which will provide you with real-time forex execution and management.

  • The platform provides access to information to help anticipate currency movements and manage future forex transactions, which mitigates your risk exposure.
  • It will allow you to:
    • See any pending unhedged exposure to different currencies.
    • Assess your compliance to hedging policies and regulations.
    • Make a comparison to your actual versus budgeted exchange rates, with a calculation of the difference in values.
    • Stress test exchange rate movements, meaning you can better plan your forex trade to better protect your businesses and cashflows into the future.

You will also have access to all your past and current forex transactions, including spot, forward and option contracts, and the ability to do a real-time mark-to-market trades.

  • Peregrine Treasury Solutions, will be able to optimally advise you on, and implement the best suited foreign exchange strategy. We can help you by:
    • Giving you a holistic overview of all your forex transactions, taking in to consideration your unique hedging policy and potential cash flows.
    • Offering you real-time, pro-active advice, based on current market conditions, that can help mitigate exchange rate risks.
    • Demonstrating the impact of our strategies by providing you with various reports and feedback.

Peregrine Treasury Solution’s customised risk management process, has been developed by South Africans, for the South African market.


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